DebuggingΒΆ has a few log messages you can turn on to help you figure out if HTTP requests are hitting a real server or not. You can turn them on like this:

import vcr
import requests
import logging

logging.basicConfig() # you need to initialize logging, otherwise you will not see anything from vcrpy
vcr_log = logging.getLogger("vcr")

with vcr.use_cassette('headers.yml'):

The first time you run this, you will see:

INFO:vcr.stubs:<Request (GET)> not in cassette, sending to real server

The second time, you will see:

INFO:vcr.stubs:Playing response for <Request (GET)> from cassette

If you set the loglevel to DEBUG, you will also get information about which matchers didn’t match. This can help you with debugging custom matchers.